A creative leader helping brands tell their amazing story through creative direction, film, editing, motion graphics and design. Finding innovative ways to make complex productions simple, to create compelling and engaging customer focused content that drives results. 
Using data to drive brand strategies for the most effective customer engagement. 
Collaboration with the creative team as well as the client is key to making sure that the most effective messaging and stunning visual imagery is being created to drive measurable and effective marketing.
"What an amazing piece of work.  You took something that could be quite complex and made it interesting and easy to follow. I walked away after 10 mins with nuggets that I will now use.  
We are just so fortunate to have you on the team."
Jacqui McGillivray, EVP & Chief People and Social Impact Officer 

"Reading over these now and WOW.  What a fun and exciting thing to come back to.  
Stephen, you are a mastermind." 
Jess Krausman, Fleet Partnership Solutions Manager

"You are such a gifted producer and I LOVE that from the beginning you’ve been tracking with my vision for this video. The scenery is gorgeous and captured perfectly. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Jessica Kelly, Author of Lord Willing?

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